You know it’s time for a change when…

You have 8 near death experiences in 3 days. Yes, you read that correctly. Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Allison. I was born with athetoid cerebral palsy(CP) and have been a disability advocate from day 1. My faith and the color purple(the actual color purple that is, although the movie is  good as well-just ask my sister who can recite the entire movie by heart) are two pillars in my life. In December 2014, I had an experience, 8 to be exact, that propelled me to change my life dramatically.

In 2011, I graduated from MIT with a PhD in economics. I landed my dream job, was living independently in a beautiful, accessible apartment and had a wonderful support system. Then slowly, ever so slowly, my health began  to change. This culminated in a serious illness in December 2014 that resulted in 8 near death experiences in less than 1 week. I don’t know about you but, “near death” is about as near to death as I want to get for several decades!

So, with a newfound courage and a deeper understanding of the Divine, I took a leap of faith and let go of my “dream” job to focus on my health: mind, body and spirit.  Now, as someone with a typical Type A personality, who is very goal oriented, switching from a career path with clearly delineated markers of success to  the unknown was scary, to say the least. But the alternative, battling for my life, dependence on prescriptions to remain remotely stable, and the  inability to partake in all things(say it with me) purple, was simply unthinkable.

As I started on this path, I began to explore various opportunities and modalities I never tried before, or that I had only tried as a child, and began to uncover things about myself I hadn’t given much thought to. I have begun to learn so much by applying my well-honed research skills to, well, me! I started sharing what I was learning and discovering with friends and family. A few months ago, several people suggested I start a blog to share this journey with others. I was unsure about that idea, mainly because I don’t know where the journey is going… Can you write a blog about something that is unfolding as you write? I have finally come up with my answer… Yes. Here we go!

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  • Bernard Thompkins

    WOW! I LOVE what you are starting!!! Your insights will be powerful and inspiring. I know that because your life has been powerful and inspiring to many people, especially to me. Allison I love you deeply and admire you greatly.


  • Yay, Allison! Can’t wait for your next posting!

  • EO

    Hey it’s EO.

  • Vivian Bowen-Adams

    Allison, I am so excited for you and the new blog. Can’t wait for your next posting. Love cousin Vivian.

  • Victoria Gordon Findlay

    Congratulations My Darling. You are doing it. I am ever so proud of you. Continue sharing your humor, style and wisdom with the world. Love always, Mom

  • roberta

    My Boobie doing great things, I love Bunny nose

  • Melanie

    Allison, you’re blog touched my heart and I can’t wait to read more. Love cousin Melanie.

  • Monecka

    Hi, my name is Monecka Jones-Lewis. I am a friend of your sister Roberta Thompkins. I have heard so many wonderful things about you. I am truly inspired about your journey through life as you continue to write. I thank you for educating all of us with your life experience. One of these days I will get the opportunity to meet you. I know it will be a pleasure.

    Love always,

  • Hi Allison…a friend of your Mom’s just shared your blog on Facebook and I am so grateful that I took the time to read your first entry. Please keep up your writing and rest assured that you will bless others and be blessed yourself as you share your journey.

    Doug Andrews

  • Go for it, Allison! You are an inspiration to many!!

  • Yolanda

    Congratulations on your new blog. I am looking forward to your next post.
    Love cousin Yogi

  • As soon as I saw your lovely face I remembered our chat from so long ago! I am so very glad that you’ve started blogging, and I can definitely relate first-hand to how challenging it can be for a Type A to “transition” into the new and unknown. But you’re beautiful, intelligent, and driven. You can still have an amazing and successful life! I will be back to visit often 🙂


  • Dave Wittenburg

    A great story by a great person. I look forward to reading more!