Abstract painting of world. The words world cerebral palsy day 7 oct. 2015 are on the right side.

Happy World CP Day!

Surprise… I am posting on a Wednesday! Today is World CP Day! YAY!! I decided to celebrate by coming up with my “10 Reasons I Love Having CP” List.

10. Palsy begins with the same letter as- you know what’s coming- PURPLE!!!

9. Before my speech became pretty easy to understand, I spelled out words when I spoke to people who couldn’t understand me. This led to me becoming such a wiz at spelling that I won several Spelling Bees in elementary school.

8. I can eat whatever I want and stay slim and trim(gotta love those involuntary muscle movements!).

7. I had a very eventful birth that makes for a great story!

6. I know that not being able to speak is not the same thing as having nothing to say.

5. Since writing with pencil and paper was always painful and time-consuming, I just learned how to memorize everything – a definite perk when studying for final exams!

4. To those without CP, a typewriter is an outdated method of written communication. To those with CP, a typewriter is a paintbrush. See a video of beautiful landscape portraits created with a typewriter by clicking here.

3. I know that regardless of the severity or type of one’s disability, everyone has something to contribute to the world.

2. I am reminded of the following truth everyday:

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


And drum roll please….. The number one reason I love having CP is:

1. CP is part of what makes me who I am and I am PHENOMENAL!  🙂


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