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Need some perspective? Try skiing!

Hello everyone!

I’m back! In case you were wondering, I have not abdicated my purple, blogging chair on wheels… The end of 2015 was filled with many health-related surprises that led to emergency surgery. Ringing in the new year recovering from anesthesia is definitely one way to spend the holiday, but I think I’ll make different plans for next New Year’s Eve!

I’d like to thank everyone for their support through 6 of the most challenging weeks of my life. Whether you prayed for me, sent emails and texts to check on me and buoy my spirits, dropped everything to stay with me, sent beautiful purply items to keep me warm,  galvanized your faith community to pray for me, gave me copious hugs or kept me laughing through some frightening moments, I felt the power of your love and I am grateful to, and for, each of you! May you all be surrounded by purply blessings! 😊

Love and Blessings Always,



Without further ado, here’s today’s post…

I absolutely love to ski!! One of the few things I love more than skiing is telling people I ski and seeing the looks of complete befuddlement on their faces. Usually, people get these looks for one of two reasons. One, they have just met me and cannot fathom how I ski. I can usually see the conversation going on inside their heads… “How do I politely ask Allison ‘how in the world do you ski given the fact that your balance isn’t the best and your arm control leaves a bit to be desired?!’ ” Or, two, if they know me, the fact that I participate in adventure sports is no surprise. The surprise to them is that I willingly sit outside, in the freezing cold, and call it fun. The reason this comes as a surprise is because on more than one occasion in the winter, I have had the following conversation in my apartment …

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After completing my first year of graduate(grad) school, I had a wonderful group of friends in the same academic program as me. We were all elated when the last day of finals came and we had all survived the most intense academic year of our young adult lives! That first year of grad school had been so crazy that I had gone a full 8 months without watching 1 minute of tennis. For those of you who I have yet to meet, me going without tennis is like me going without *gasp* purple… simply unheard of! So, once summer vacation commenced, I began looking for tennis tournaments near campus that I could attend. The closest tournament I found was in Newport, RI. I had never heard of Newport, but figured that any town cool enough to have a professional tennis tournament was cool enough for me! Boy, was I right!

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